Our customizable dashboard-style reports provide you with top level data in a single glance. Easily export reports to Excel with the click of a button. Bring your data to life by making it visual, meaningful, and actionable.

Content Insights

Our platform provides full content awareness. With automatic tracking and monitoring you can see how your content is being used throughout the sales cycle. Determine when select pieces of content are ready to be expired and keep the messaging fresh for your customers.

Customer Insights

Have you ever wondered which pieces of content your customers find the most interesting? Our analytics platform provides you with valuable insights into content views, preferences, and usage. When integrated with your CRM all of this information is automatically tracked and assigned to your customers, providing you with an accurate understanding of their needs and taste, allowing you to tailor future communications and enhance the buying experience.

Sales Insights

Marketing teams and executives have real-time awareness into the global operations of their sales teams. Easily analyze and coordinate communication strategies with the help of data direct from the frontline. Monitor your team's performance and content usage with ease.

Overwhelming volumes of information and content can be off-putting to sales professionals. Our predictive analytics supported by smart data prevent content overload. With up-to-date categories such as ‘recommended for you’, ‘most popular’, ‘recently added’, etc. your sales team will be provided with the best content tailored to their needs.

Marketing Insights

There are few things as bad for business as spending valuable time and resources with no idea of the outcome. Closed-loop marketing connects marketing efforts back to revenue.

Closing the loop is easy with WHUT. All interactions and presentations are traced from the moment you enter the system. Valuable data is continuously collected, determining the best pieces of content and finding opportunities to optimize those that are underperforming.